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11 x 14 100% Hand painted on canvas.

Light blue background with red and blue lettering, with the iconic Dr. Seuss Hat. The colors can be customized if you choose.  If no colors are mentioned it will be painted in light blue, blue and red.

Great for a kids room or nursery.

The quote can be changed to any Dr Seuss quote you like. A list of some of Dr Seuss' quotes is pictured, feel free to use any of those or any other you like. Just note some of his longer quotes may not fit onto an 11x14 but may onto a 16x20.

The wording can also be done in the lowercase version of this font.

*You can even add a personalization.*

*You can also choose almost any character to replace the hat.*

Please let me know which quote you'd like in the Note To Seller box during checkout.

*Because everything is hand painted, everything can be completely customized to your choice. Just let me know exactly what you want and we'll make it happen.

*Feel free to message me about an items you see or any ideas you have.

Dr. Seuss Quote 100% Handpainted onto 11x14 Canvas

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