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Protected Home - Vinyl Decal

Protected decal is approximately 3 inches long, it's visible yet discreet.

Decal is cut in white. If you'd like a different color decal just send me message.

Show that your home is protected. Add this decal to all the windows in your home to show any potential intruders what's waiting for them.

Select if you'd like them cut for the inside or the outside of your windows. "Inside" will be cut reversed to read correctly when applied.

Sold in sets on 1, 6 and 10. If a different quantity is needed just send me a quick message.

Made of professional grade vinyl.

*Because everything is hand made, everything can be completely customized to your choice. Just let me know exactly what you want and we'll make it happen.

*Feel free to message me about an items you see or any ideas you have.

Protected Home - Vinyl Decal

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